The world of professional cooking gets more public attention now than ever before thanks to celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain revealing the cutthroat competition and high-stakes rivalries behind the scenes in the culinary world. This increased attention has led to a spike in interest in culinary programs and learning to be a professional chef, and as the media gets more and more obsessed with amazing cooking, it becomes more crucial for successful chefs to keep up-to-date on culinary trends and to put themselves and their work in the public eye. Listed here are 100 sites that aspiring chefs would do well to follow, since they’re at the top of the culinary heap or moving fast in that direction.

Celebrity Chefs

Several chefs have garnered an incredible amount of media attention by finding innovative ways to let the public peek into the life of a master chef. Reality TV shows, cooking competitions, and exotic international food tours have all complimented incredible cooking skills to put these culinary masterminds on the map.

  1. Bobby Flay

    Bobby Flay

    Chef Bobby Flay is the grill meister! You can learn how he cooks on the grill and what tools, foods, and recipes he uses if you visit his blog. Catch up on news about his television appearances and about his restaurants, too.

    First Bite: Bolo’s Oven Roasted Lamb Shanks with Roasted Tomatoes and Toasted Orzo

  2. Anthony Bourdain

    Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

    Anthony Bourdain rose to fame for his No Reservations series in which he travels to exotic locales to sample the food and learn about the culture. Bourdain also wrote the popular book Kitchen Confidential:Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and has worked as a chef-at-large for many reputable restaurants.

    First Bite: The Final Tour

  3. Jamie Oliver

    Jamie Oliver

    Jamie Oliver made quite a name for himself with his public school menu revamp show a few years back. He’s still working with schools, and you can enjoy other recipes on his blog, as well as some great ideas – like how about opening your own Jamie Oliver business?

    First Bite: Start a Business with Jamie Oliver

  4. Paula Deen

    Paula Deen

    Paula Deen is a celebrity chef who is well-known for her southern palate. Visit her site to catch-up on her news, to try her recipes, and to shop her merchandise. The Paul Deen brand is popular among many, many cooks.

    First Bite: Six Decorative Pie Edge Techniques r

  5. Guy Fieri

    Guy Fiere

    Get cookin’ with Chef Guy Fieri at this blog, where you can learn about his latest television shows, recipes, and books. Watch videos and learn more about his very cool restaurants, including the Tex Wasabi’s Rock n’ Roll Sushi BBQ in Santa Rosa, CA.

    First Bite: Smoked Chicken Gumbo

  6. Emeril


    It’s one thing to watch Emeril live on television, and it’s simply another thing altogether to eat at his restaurant in New Orleans (or at any one of his other restaurants). If you haven’t experienced Emeril, then this blog may be the next best thing – he shares his recipes so you can try his dishes at home.

    First Bite: Shrimp and Grits

  7. Rachael Ray

    Rachael Ray

    Rachael Ray has become more than cooking — she’s a household name that represents a certain lifestyle. If you haven’t watched her show or read her magazine, then try out her website and blogs — “Rach” covers everything from food to pets.

    First Bite: Quick and Easy French Toast Casserole

  8. Wolfgang Puck

    Wolfgang Puclk

    Wolfgang Puck is the ultimate chef’s chef. From restaurant hospitality to all aspects of the culinary arts, this famous chef has built an empire that even includes his own brand of frozen foods. Like many other chefs, Wolfgang is active in many philanthropic endeavors. He even has his own Wolfgang Puck-Barbara Lazaroff Charitable Foundation that hosts the annual American Wine & Food Festival, which benefits the Los Angeles Meals on Wheels programs.

    First Bite: Welcome to Well

  9. Giada De Laurentiis

    Giada De Laurentiis

    Giada is a lovely Food Network celebrity chef who shares her ideas and tips for entertaining on her blog. Giada trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she specialized in cuisine and pastry, and now owns GDL Foods, a catering company in Los Angeles.

    First Bite: Sah-wah-dee-kah and hellooo!

  10. Mario Batali

    mario Batali

    Every foodaholic knows about the Batali Brand, from his unique television food show celebrity chef appearances to his restaurants. His blog keeps fans up-to-date on news as well as on his preferences in foods, food products, wines, books, and yes — even music.

    First Bite: Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Grilled Radicchio

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Chefs, Butchers & Restaurateurs

While there’s plenty of work to be had in already existing restaurants, many chefs dream of opening up shop on their own so they can control everything from the interior aesthetic of the restaurant to the butchering process and other sourcing and preparation operations.

  1. The Butchers Blog – Top Tips

    The Butchers Blog Top Tips

    Cullens Butchers in the seaside town of Wicklow, Ireland, offers ideas from three generations of butchers who love to cook. Look for great ideas for beef, lamb, pork, bacon, poultry, and other meat products.

    First Bite: Cullens Butchers Burger Tips

  2. The Butcher and the Baker

    The Butcher and the Bakedr

    Jake is the butcher, and he’s also an artist. Silka is a crafter and designer, and she loves to bake. When not being creative in their respective studios, they’re creating great food in the kitchen. Learn about how they shop for local and sustainable food ingredients and how they cook them to create healthy and wonderful meals.

    First Bite: Recipe: Santa Maria Tri-Tip

  3. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

    Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

    Chef Zimmern is a James Beard Award-winning food writer and teacher who travels the globe to find food that is simply great. Think Nicaraguan dulce de leche shaved ice or Cabrito sausage grinders made with an exclusive all-natural goat blend from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors…yum!

    First Bite: Vietnamese Spicy Tuna Salad

  4. Chef Adair – Private Chef Services


    Chef Adair specializes in all inclusive elegant private chef soirées and intimate cocktail parties. We use local fresh, sustainable, organic ingredients to create cuisine you won’t soon forget! With your vision heard, and our detail-focused and experienced staff, we leave nothing to chance for your event

  5. Chez What?

    Chez What

    Chef Christo proves that if you love food, you too can grow up to be a chef. He’s a Char-Broil All-Star, but he’s game to talk about anything you want — as long as it pertains to food. Give him a holler!

    First Bite: Creative Cooking Crew: Vegan

  6. Food Wishes

    Food Wishes

    What happens when a chef tires of working as a chef and teaching about cooking? He shares his wealth of knowledge on an award-winning blog, of course. Readers can request a video recipe, so contact Chef John at his blog to see if he’ll make your dish.

    First Bite: Cheese Straws – These Don’t Suck

  7. Chickenita


    If you love chicken (and really who doesn’t ) you are going to love Chickenita. The site is a one stop shop for chicken recipes and great ideas to turn your poultry popular. Stop by and and find the perfect chicken dish for you and yours.

    First Bite: Chicken Braising Recipes

  8. Avec Eric

    Avec Eric

    If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be one of the greatest chefs in the world, just follow Chef Eric to understand that journey. He shares his work and his home life, all centered around food of course!

    First Bite: Inside Le Bernardin

  9. Cuisiniers Kitchen…

    Cuisiniers Kitchen

    A chef shares his passion for perfection in dishes that use local produce and other wonderful ingredients at this long-running blog. The photographs are wonderful, showing the goings-on in a live working kitchen that serves up some exquisite dishes.

    First Bite: January 2013

  10. Andrew Carmellini

    Andrew Carmellini

    Andrew is a chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author who lives and works in New York City. His blog is a fun series of photographs and life images as he blogs his way through a food-centric lifestyle. Plan to spend some time soaking it all in.

    First Bite: Urban Italian

  11. Chef John Besh

    Chef John Besh

    Chef Besh owns a family of restaurants that promote Southern Louisiana foodways. Each restaurant has its own style and flavor, from Besh Steak (a spin on the American steakhouse) to Domenica, which celebrates the influence of Italian immigrants on New Orleans cuisine.

    First Bite: Video

  12. Garde Manger

    Garde Manger

    If you enjoy the idea of seasoning, poaching, simmering, searing, roasting, frying, or any one of another twenty food preparations, then you’ll love this site. Learn all about the most difficult station in any kitchen – the Garde Manger.

    First Bite: Charcuterie | The History

  13. BB Ranch’s Butcher’s Blog

    BB Ranch Butchers Blog

    BB Ranch takes their cows to heart, following the “Ranch-to-Plate” philosophy in raising their herds. Additionally, William takes his butchering techniques learned in Europe, Hawaii, Colorado, and the west coast to the research table as well as to the butcher blog. Great ranchers, doing a great job.

    First Bite: Duck Confit, Goose Fat, Homemade Stocks in the BB Ranch Case

  14. Long’s Meat Market Blog

    Longs Meat Market Blog

    BB Long’s Meat Market in Eugene, Oregon, was established in 1927. This blog, started in 2009, provides meat lovers with mouth-watering recipes, dinner and event ideas, and contests where winners can snag some of the best products they have to offer.

    First Bite: The Turkeys are Coming!

  15. Chef on a Mission

    Chefs on a mission

    Chef Marcus Guiliano changed his diet over twelve years ago in hopes of better health. He lost weight, avoided surgery for Acid Reflux, cleared his acne, lowered his blood pressure, dropped his cholesterol, and kicked his life-long asthma issues. Learn more about his mission and new way of life at his blog.

    First Bite: Four Restaurants Share The Impact of Going Green

  16. Michael Chiarello

    Michael Chiarello

    Chef Chiarello is a vintner, television host, and a sustainable farmer who owns the Bottega Restaurant in Yountville, California. If you’re looking for a high-class all-around chef site for word about wine, food, and farming, Chef Chiarello’s site is a good choice.

    First Bite: Drinking Red Wine: What’s the Perfect Temperature?

  17. Gordon Ramsey

    Gordon Ramsay com

    No matter what you think about Chef Ramsay’s style on television, he’s got the drive for perfection that enables him to achieve and maintain the highest accolade for a restaurant today. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is London’s longest-running restaurant to hold a three-Michelin Star award, and Ramsay is one of only four chefs in the UK who maintains three stars.

    First Bite: Gordon’s TV shows sell out worldwide

  18. Benny Doro’s Culinary Blog

    Benny Doro Chef

    Chef Benny Doro traveled the world for more than two decades while touring with rock bands…now he takes his experiences and his love for culinary practices to the web with this blog and soon with a new restaurant.

    First Bite: FOOD PORN! Mushrooms and Soba Noodles

  19. Ideas in Food

    Ideas in Food

    Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot met in Clio’s kitchen in Boston, and have been cooking together ever since. They share creative techniques that streamline the cooking process while adding more time to try new ideas in the kitchen.

    First Bite: Rice Krispie Treat Panini

  20. ChefTalk

    Chef Talk

    If you are obsessed with baking, cooking, and entertaining, then you’ll want to register to use this site. ChefTalk is a food lover’s link to professional chefs, who share their secrets, recipes, and entertainment ideas on this community site.

    First Bite: Question about Mac ceramic hone

  21. LudoBites – Chef Ludo Lefebvre

    Ludo Lefebvre

    Chef Lefebvre was the executive chef at L’Orangerie and Bastide before opening his crazy popular LudoBites events in Los Angeles via the LudoTruck. He is the only chef in that city to receive the prestigious Mobile Travel Guide Five Star Award at both restaurants, and he was named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Chefs by Relais & Chateaux.

    First Bite: LudoTruck

  22. Family Meal

    Tom Douglas

    Tom Douglas is dedicated to the Seattle food scene, bringing 13 different restaurants to that city as well as a great blog to the Internet. The Family Meal is all about everything new and noteworthy in the worlds of food, wine, and fine dining.

    First Bite: Meatless Monday: Crispy African Peri Peri Tofu

  23. Big Girls, Small Kitchen

    Big Girls Small Kitchen

    If you’re trying to figure out how to navigate your kitchen, let these big girls show you how to go about it. BGSK is an award-winning site filled with recipes and tips to make your life easier and much more delicious.

    First Bite: 9 Easy Recipes You Might As Well Master

  24. Lemon & Anchovies

    Lemons and Anchovies

    This food fanatic is a cookbook-aholic who is always hungry. She shoots her own photography, and puts a spin on almost every recipe, including that smoked trout dip linked here that we’re dying to try!

    First Bite: Smoked Trout Dip

  25. eggbeater


    Shuna Fish Lydon started blogging in 2005, and the title of her site is an homage to her diverse collection of eggbeaters. On the blog, she frankly discusses the stressful life of professional chefs and shares photos, recipes, and other delicious tidbits.

    First Bite: Professional Cooks and Our Relationships

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Bread Bakers & Pastry Chefs

Baking is an art all its own, and being a good chef doesn’t mean you know how to make a good pastry or loaf of bread. It’s hard to get good at baking, but some real professionals have shared their thoughts, and more importantly, recipes, on the subject in some truly fantastic blogs.

  1. Cupcakes Take the Cake

    Cupcakes Take the Cake

    Rachel Kramer Bussel, Nichelle Stpehens, and Stacie Joy share their cupcake love with readers at this site. You’ll find the ubiquitous bacon cupcake here, plus plenty of other cupcakes that will set your mouth to drool mode.

    First Bite: Ribbon-like Rainbow Cake Pops Tutorial

  2. Josey Baker Bread

    Josey Baker Bread

    Josey fell in love with bread baking in 2010, and a mere two years later he finds himself on the west coast baking bread for a living. Follow his blog journey from 2010 to today, as he shares his bread passion through writing and photographs.

    First Bite: I cannot believe this is my life

  3. Bake at 350

    Bake at 350

    Bridget loves cookies — she likes to bake them, decorate them, eat them, and then blog about them. She keeps it simple so other home bakers can re-create her luscious-looking creations.

    First Bite: The Game of Love

  4. Bakergirl

    Baker Girl

    Bakergirl looked for something to do after college while hunting for jobs and came up with baking and blogging – and her site has exploded with gorgeous photos of her sugary creations, recipes, tips, and plenty of followers. Go salivate now.

    First Bite: Pretzel-Crusted Brown Butter Bourbon Blondies

  5. French Cake Patisserie

    French Cake Patisseries Blog

    The French Cake Patisserie’s blog is rich with colorful photographs of pastries and cakes that can be custom decorated or served traditionally. Cris Patalot founded the bakery (and the blog) after graduating from the French Pastry School in Chicago.

    First Bite: Pregnant Lady on Cake

  6. Bakers Royale

    Bakers Royale

    This baker, photographer, and kitchen philosopher does a great job at showcasing baked creations as well as kitchen tools that she uses. The topics aren’t limited to baking – check out the fruit dishes and the cocktail popsicles!

    First Bite: Chocolate Dipped Pears with Almond Crunch

  7. Tartine Bread Experiment

    Tartine Bread Experiment

    Can you find a blog devoted entirely to Tartine Bread? Yes — and reading this blog is much like attending a class on how to make this rustic country loaf. The instructions are casual, and the photographs are clear — give it a try!

    First Bite: Wow

  8. Thom’s Bread

    Thoms Bread

    This is a fairly young blog, but Thom’s Bread is a bakery in Pennsylvania that was just established in 2012. Made without preservatives, count on eating this bread within two-three days…and from all accounts, it’s one of the best breads around.

    First Bite: How do you eat your Thom’s Bread?

  9. All Things Bread

    All Things Bread

    Best-selling author William Alexander shares his passion for the baked loaf at this blog. His cookbook, 52 Loaves, is all about baking the perfect loaf of bread, and his blog takes that perfection even further.

    First Bite: One Grain More

  10. Artisan Bread in 5

    Artisan Bread in Five

    Jeff & Zoë wrote their first book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, so that baking homemade bread could become easy enough to make it a daily habit. But, a loaf a day isn’t their only goal – go to their blog now to check out some of the most beautiful, mouthwatering breads ever.

    First Bite: Brioche Danish With Goat Cheese and Pistachios

  11. Bake. Bread. Blog.

    Bake Bread Blog

    Alain Coumont has been baking rustic, wholesome breads on a warm hearth since he was at his grandmother’s knees. Now, he shares his knowledge and his skills at Bleecker Street Bakers in New York and online at this blog. Enjoy!

    First Bite: Learning from Alain

  12. Frieda Loves Bread

    frieda loves bread

    Frieda is familiar with those bread goblins such as aliens, the weather conditions or Yeastphobia, the fear of killing your yeast. Follow her to learn how to overcome those bread-phobias as you bake — in fact, you can learn how to cook an entire meal at Frieda’s site.

    First Bite: “Outback” Black Bread: copycat

  13. Amy Glaze’s Pommes d’Amour

    Amy Glaze's Pommes Damour

    Do not go to this site if you’re hungry, as you’ll want to eat your screen. Amy is the first blogger to chronicle her studies at Le Cordon Bleu and then later as a female cook in a three-Michelin star Parisian restaurant.

    First Bite: Beef Shortrib Stroganoff with Buttered Pappardelle

  14. Baking Bites

    Baking Bites

    Nicole Weston is a pastry chef, food writer, and recipe developer who blogs about all the cooking, baking, and photographing she does in her life. Oh, yes…and she gets to taste-test, which is something you can’t do unless you follow her blog and try out her recipes.

    First Bite: Mini Lemon Cheesecakes with Gingersnap Crusts

  15. Baking Obsession

    Baking Obsession

    Vera is a Russian-born former dentist who hopes to become a pâtissier. She focuses on baking and desserts in her blog, but she also offers some non-baking recipes that could make a baker’s mouth water.

    First Bite: Pomegranate Ice Cream and Cocoa Nib Brownie Sandwiches

  16. Beantown Baker

    Beantown Baker

    Jen is the Beantown Baker, but she’s really an engineer by day and a baking maven by night. Although Jen was obsessed with cupcakes back in 2007, she’s progressed to cookies and brownies, and has a bucket list of a million other dessert recipes she wants to share.

    First Bite: Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

  17. Lulu the Baker

    Lulu the Baker

    Lulu, known formally as Melissa, started her blog in 2008 as a way to track family-favorite recipes. Since then, this blog has grown to include all good foods, her projects, and the “occasional farm-related shenanigan.”

    First Bite: Easy Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

  18. Blackbird Bread

    blackbird bread

    This British micro bakery was launched in 2012, using a domestic oven to create their gorgeous rustic breads. Even if you don’t live near Twickenham, you can savor their blog posts and learn about their new creations.

    First Bite: Blackbird Barm

  19. Cookie and Kate

    Cookie + Kate

    Kate is the baker, and Cookie is her dog. Lucky dog — she gets all the crumbs from the creations that Kate cooks up in her kitchen. Enjoy her dreamy foods, which she photographs herself as a very talented self-taught photographer.

    First Bite: Coconut Pancakes

  20. Gravity Bread


    The inherent design of Gravitybread helps create more valuable mealtimes for families. Research indicates that children who eat together with their families perform better in school, tend to be thinner, are healthier and have better communication skills. It gives families the opportunities to talk and have longer conversations. It also gives the opportunity to explore new foods and model appropriate behaviors, such as how to eat specific foods and how to sit during mealtime.

  21. Old Pastry Chefs Never Die, They Just Make Less Dough

    Old Pastry Chefs Never Die

    This blog offers “confessions of a burned out pastry chef,” with subject matter that ranges from a recent post on gluten allergies to personal stories about struggling with weight loss and even blog maintenance.

    First Bite: The Gluten Free Can ‘o Worms

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Culinary Organizations & Magazines

There are organizations for chefs, bakers, butchers, and food makers of all types. There are also loads of magazines covering any aspect of food you can imagine.

  1. American Personal & Private Chef Association

    American Personal and Private Chef Association

    Yes, there are enough personal and private chefs around to have an association — and this one is the gold standard in the industry. APPCA is the largest of this type of organization, and it helps chefs through education and validates that education through certification. Visit their updated blog to learn more about this group.

    First Bite: Wines Go Sweet and Whiskey Wows: Adult-Beverage Trends for 2013

  2. WillPowder


    Often listed on a chef’s website as a valued resource, WillPowder is a food supply source that offers various powders such as Sodium Alginate, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Calcium Lactate, and Calcium Lactate Gluconate. Some of these packages also come in bulk sizes.

    First Bite: TANDOORI

  3. Chef’s Resources

    Chefs Resources

    This is not a flashy site, but it contains more information about food and cooking than just about any site out there. Travel through their information about kitchen management tools, or learn about various produce – they have all the information you might ever need about oysters, for instance. Great updated blog, too.

    First Bite: How To Organize Recipes

  4. Creative Culinary

    Creative Culinary

    A web developer learned how to create websites by building her own – starting with recipes and growing from there. Now Barb has branched out to share information about entertaining, including gifts from the kitchen, “the Friday cocktail,” and other luscious treats.

    First Bite: The Best Limoncello is Homemade Limoncello!

  5. Seven Spoons

    Seven Spoons

    Tara started a blog about her life and about food in 2005, and five years later she won tons of awards for her writing, photography and recipes. Those awards were well deserved, as her blog is inviting and it’s wonderful to wallow in all her photos and recipes.

    First Bite: The big tah-da

  6. Food & Wine

    Food and Wine

    Food & Wine Magazine carries some of the best recipes, restaurant reviews, and wine news on the market. They cover a lifestyle that reaches into home design and travel, offering reviews and an updated blog with a large focus on Chef Andrew Zimmern, Aspen, baking, and bars.

    First Bite: Food Bloggers’ Best Kitchen Design Ideas

  7. Careers Through Culinary Arts Program, Inc.

    CCap Careers through culinary arts program

    This is a wonderful site for culinary arts students or for those individuals who are thinking about a career in this field. Learn about various skills required, classes offered, and careers through the national not-for-profit Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).

    First Bite: Welcome to the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships!

  8. Chefs Collaborative

    Chefs Collaborative

    Chefs Collaborative is a national chef network that works with chefs and restaurants to foster a more sustainable food supply. They work through memberships, publications, a blog, and and events that bring education about sustainable food to the food industry and to the general public.

    First Bite: National Summit 2013

  9. Retail Bakers of America

    Retail Bakers of America

    RBA is an organization that supports, educates, certifies, and advocates for bakers and bakeries across the nation. They have a members-only section, but much of their information is available to the general public, including their photograph galleries, foundation news, and educational session handouts.

    First Bite: Session Houndouts

  10. Slow Food USA

    Slow Food USA

    Slow Food USA is part of a global effort to counter fast food, to sustain local food traditions, and to educate people about how food choices affect everyone. This grassroots effort now has supporters in over 150 countries with volunteers who promote environmentally-friendly food production.

    First Bite: Taste, Memory: Forgotten Foods, Lost Flavors, and Why They Matter

  11. The Bread Bakers Guild of America

    Bread Bakers Guild of America

    BBGA is dedicated to advancing the practice of artisan baking, and the Guild is well known as the go-to educational resource for the baking community. The Guild represents cutting-edge tools and methods to help bakers produce the best breads possible and encourages the public to celebrate artisan bakers’ crafts and passions.

    First Bite: Baguette Formula

  12. American Institute of Baking

    American Institute of Baking

    AIB is committed to advocating for and protecting the safety of the global food supply chain and to providing education and technical tools to their members. AIB memberships now are available to individuals as well as to companies, strengthening this organization’s global efforts.

    First Bite: Food Safety and Food Defense Education

  13. Foodservice Educators Network International

    Food Service Educators Network INternational

    FENI provides a focal point for culinary educators to network, enabling those educators to offer the best tools and methods for their trades. FENI is now in its thirteenth year offering an annual Summit and a blog, “Chef Educator Today,” promoting the most innovative personalities and techniques known in the industry today.

    First Bite: 2012 FENI Highlights

  14. Fine Cooking Cooks Talk

    Fine Cooking Cooks Talk

    Fine Cooking’s Cooks Talk section contains numerous chef and kitchen expert blogs, where readers can get their fill of tips, tricks, and tools for the trade. The site also offers videos, how-to guides, and recipes for you to try.

    First Bite: How to Test a Fish for Doneness

  15. Relish


    Relish is an online cook’s magazine that offers several blogs featuring recipes, tips, and ways to cut your time short in the kitchen while helping to make your dishes more delicious. This site also carries recipes, holiday ideas, how-to instructions, and a cooking show.

    First Bite: My Set, My Monterey Chicken

  16. DICED

    DICED the blog of the institute of culinary education

    DICED is the official blog of the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), offering great interviews, recipes, and career advice. ICE runs the largest program of hands-on recreational cooking and baking classes and wine education in the country, and they also host hundreds of corporate and private cooking events each year.

    First Bite: Five Course Friday

  17. Chef’s Stirrings from Chef Magazine

    Chefs Stirrings

    Chef’s Stirrings is Chef Magazine’s official blog, offering culinary news and online exclusives from Chef’s editors. Chef Magazine offers a different take on food and kitchen equipment articles, because they’re enhanced by industry news, events, and cutting-edge topics.

    First Bite: Cheese, please: Adding value to seasonal dishes

  18. Chef Magazine

    Chef Magazine

    Chef Magazine provides original, accurate and up-to-date information that is guaranteed to be informative and authoritative, because it is moderated by an editorial board consisting of chefs, journalists, and special guest chefs. Readers can expect great interviews, industry topics, and reviews of kitchen equipment among other topics.

    First Bite: Chestnut Pancakes Pan-fried with Raspberries and Brocciu by Alain Ducasse

  19. Culinary Trends

    Culinary Trends net

    This site’s focus is to inspire executive chefs, and the editors do this with amazing photography, recipes, news, and entertainment ideas. You don’t need to be an executive chef to enjoy their online recipes, which include appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, and cocktails and other beverages.

    First Bite: Chile and Garlic Shrimp

  20. Global Chefs

    Global Chefs

    This online culinary magazine offers ideas from featured chefs, gourmet articles, cookbook reviews, a recipe file, and news from “The Wine Guy.” If you register at the site, you can enjoy a monthly email that informs you about a new online issue, filled with luscious images and easy-to-make recipes.

    First Bite: New World Wines, From Lebanon To Atlanta

  21. Chefs Move to Schools

    Chefs move to Schools

    Founded in May 2010, The “Chefs Move to Schools Program” is a huge part of First Lade Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative. This website is a platform for chefs and schools to create partnerships in communities with the goal of educating kids about food and healthy eating.

    First Bite: Success Stories

  22. Women Chefs & Restaurateurs

    Women Chefs and Restaurateurs

    WCR’s mission is to promote and enhance education and advancement of women in the culinary industry. This exciting organization, created in 1993, also offers a variety of networking experiences and is supported by industry partners.

    First Bite: Scholarship & Internship Program

  23. Cooking Issues

    Cooking Issues

    The International Culinary Center offers a great service with this “Tech’N Stuff” blog that puts a spin on food from the technical side. Written with a great sense of humor, this site’s fascinating articles might eat up a good part of your day.

    First Bite: How to become a Seafood Anesthesiologist and Kill your 4th of July Lobster

  24. Culinary Classics

    Culinary Classics com

    Culinary Classics is listed on several chef resource sites for offering the best in chef wear for high-class kitchens and dining rooms. This is a family-owned business that provides made-to-order uniforms with no minimum order. Plus, they offer free design consultation.

    First Bite: Design Your Chef Coat

  25. Gourmet


    If you’re a serious cook, then you may already know about Gourmet magazines and books. Their online site carries the same quality recipes, special editions, and products, with the addition of some great videos.

    First Bite: Vermicelli with Sauce alla Sofia

  26. Culintro


    Culintro LLC is a restaurant job board and networking association that boasts 25,000 members including executive chefs and other industry personnel. The mission behind this organization is to help develop careers, but readers can enjoy looking into the blog, events, and other offerings at this site.

    First Bite: Interview: City Harvest Honoree Marc Murphy

  27. Black Culinarians Alliance

    Black Culinarians Alliance

    This nationwide non-profit organization was created in 1998 to provide exposure and educational and professional opportunities for culinary and hospitality professionals of color. The site also offers tons of material for any culinary lover who wants to learn about events, student news and opportunities, and BCA programs.

    First Bite: Mentorship/Internship Program

  28. Cooking Club of America

    Cooking Club

    If you spend so much time in the kitchen that you’ve screwed up your social life, never fear. This community might help you reach out again and to like-minded culinary lovers like you. Members get the Cooking Club magazine, the ability to test and keep free cooking products and equipment, and full access to the club website that provides networking, free gifts, cooking answers, and recipes.

    First Bite: Asparagus, Lemon and Sage Soup

  29. International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education

    Council on Hotel Restaurant and INstitutional Education

    CHRIE was founded in 1946, and quickly became the global advocate of hospitality and tourism education for schools, colleges, and university. They offer programs in hotel and restaurant management, foodservice management, and culinary arts. Learn about the history of this organization and its mission at this site.

    First Bite: Birth of ICHRIE

  30. Institute of Food Technologists

    Institute of Food Technologists

    If you ever wondered how food science works, you might visit this organization’s site. For over 70 years, IFT has worked with members from over 100 countries to share and serve as a leading advocate for food science and a catalyst to help governments shape food safety regulations.

    First Bite: Become a Food Scientist

  31. National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc.

    Specialty Food com

    The Specialty Food Association appeals to producers and suppliers, representatives, affiliates, and buyers and retailers who deal with specialty foods. This site provides a great resource, with a knowledge center, news broken down by categories, and a community where members can network and collaborate.

    First Bite: Chocolate & Confectionary InDepth

  32. National Restaurant Association

    National Restaurant Association

    The NRA is the largest foodservice trade association in the world, representing and advocating for foodservice industry interests and providing tools and education to their members. For their members, this long-running organization is the go-to resource for relevant knowledge that can help them grow their businesses.

    First Bite: Issues & Advocacy

  33. Tasters Guild

    Tasters Guild

    The Tasters Guild, established in 1987, consists of over 30 active chapters across the nation that brings consumers to the wine and food service industries. The Guild also conducts an Annual International Wine Judging to introduce hundreds of new wines, and they also sponsor yearly travel excursions for its members to all corners of the wine world.

    First Bite: Food & Wine Pairing

  34. The American Culinary Federation

    American Culinary Federation

    ACF is the premier professional chefs’ organization in North America with more than 20,000 members in more than 200 chapters. This member organization keeps its chefs ahead of the curve with culinary trends, career recognition, accreditation for culinary education along with an honor society, and access to a million-member intercontinental network.

    First Bite: Food Trends and Techniques

  35. The American Institute of Wine and Food

    American Institute of Wine and Food

    AIWF offers educational programs, creative scholarships, and great events for its members to help them learn more about regional-based cuisines, fresh ingredients, and divine wines. This association has room at the table for both enthusiasts and professionals to come together, network, and celebrate this country’s rich culinary culture.

    First Bite: The American Institute of Wine & Food History of Days of Taste

  36. Culinary Crafts

    Culinary Crafts blog

    Culinary Crafts is a catering business started by Mary Craft, with Marco Niccoli as executive chef and Jocelyn Ball as executive pastry chef. Not only do they run a business, but they share their love of food and for events such as weddings in their blog.

    First Bite: Rustic Ranch Wedding Part 3 | Food Theory Thursday

  37. Harvest America Ventures

    HARVEST AMERICA is a network of seasoned food service professionals who collectively have the ability to provide any service that an up and coming restaurateur may need. This network covers all typical issues faced by a chef/owner as they set the stage for a successful restaurant venture.

  38. Menu Covers for Every Venue

    MenuPlus offers a wide variety of standard and custom restaurant menu cover styles to suit your needs and decor’.From restaurant menu covers and children’s menus, to hotel breakfast door hangers and specialty designs, we have what you need. With our dedication to quality products and custom design services, MenusPlus is the name to trust for quality restaurant supplies.

  39. Oldways


    The slogan of Oldways is “Health through heritage,” and they use a combination of science and history to promote natural foods and good dietary health.

    First Bite: Recipes

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Food Stylists

The internet really helped food photography become an art in its own right, and many a food stylist’s career has been launched by putting irresistably juicy photographs online. When a flat image on a screen makes your mouth water, you know the photographer is doing something right.

  1. Denise Vivaldo Blogs

    Denise Vivaldo Blogs

    Denise is a seasoned food professional who has catered over 10,000 parties and who has cooked for notable guests. She not only caters, but is a food stylist who has made food look great for shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jay Leno, and Access Hollywood. Denise also encourages other food stylists through her blog.

    First Bite: Media Food Styling: Is Your Food Ready For Its Close Up?

  2. Learn Food Photography and Food Styling

    Learn Food Photography and Food Styling

    G and Neel started this blog in frustration over lack of information about food photography online. They post twice a week about food photography, food styling, equipment and tools, and the ethics and business of food photography and styling.

    First Bite: Complete Guide to Mouth-Watering Food Photography – Part 1: The Complex Art of Photographing Food

  3. Lunch Encounter

    Lunch Encounter

    Lisa Cherkasky is a Washington, DC-based food stylist, writer and cook with a focus on the “mighty sandwich” and its American regional styles. If you ever wanted to know anything about sandwiches, Lisa’s blog is the place to start — she has links, restaurants, recipes, and — of course – great photos.

    First Bite: Sandwiches Reconstructed

  4. Apples & Cheese

    Apples and Cheese

    Tina would love to one day live in a yurt. In the meantime, she seems pretty happy about food styling and recipe writing. She doesn’t stick to food in this blog, so readers can enjoy photos of Austin, Texas lifestyles as well.

    First Bite: Food Styling

  5. Foodmonger


    Kristy is the Foodmonger, a person who grew up playing with her food. Now she showcases her food adventures in this blog, which features great photography, food styling, and writing as well as a healthy passion for great-looking and great-tasting food.

    First Bite: Love is in the Air

  6. Genie Zarling’s Food Stylist Blog

    Genie in the Kitchen

    Genie is a baker and food stylist who counts Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, Green Mill and Nabisco as clients. Genie also teaches cupcake baking classes, which have raised money to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a struggling school in Bassodawish, Tanzania, Africa, among other worthy projects.

    First Bite: Thanksgiving Tiramisu

  7. Adam Pearson Food Stylist

    Adam Pearson Food Stylist

    Adam is a food stylist who works out of Los Angeles, working for clients such as the Cooking channel, Culture Magazine, Food + Wine Magazine, and Spice Islands. He also graces many books and magazines with his photography, including Absolutely Avocadoes and The Flavors of Belize.

    First Bite: Food Portfolio

  8. Impressions


    Rachel uses her classical culinary training through Le Cordon Blue to develop her skills as a food stylist, food writer, and recipe creator. She shares plenty of tips on how to style food for photography, and she also offers her take on various restaurants as she travels.

    First Bite: An Elegant Dinner at Home

  9. La Tartine Gourmande

    La tartine gourmande

    Béatrice Peltre provides readers with a colorful blog showcasing her food writing, food styling, and photography as she works out of Boston home studio. She contributes regularly to the Boston Globe Food Section, and her work has appeared in many other well-known publications across the globe.

    First Bite: There were potatoes, oysters, and mussels

  10. Spoon Fork Bacon

    Spoon Fork Bacon com

    Teri and Jenny are food stylists who have come together to create this blog. The photography can knock your socks off, and the topics range from everyday dishes to seasonal foods, party foods, pet treats , and fancy drinks – all designed to help make you look great in the kitchen.

    First Bite: Roasted Rack of Lamb & Rhubarb Sour Cherry Gastrique

  11. Heidi Gintner Food Stylist

    heidi Gintner

    Heidi is a food stylist with flair, and she counts among her clients such notables as Wild Oats, Williams Sonoma, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and the Food Network. Although she doesn’t have a blog or carry recipes, those items would only detract from her amazing portfolios.

    First Bite: Food Portfolio I

  12. Lisa Homa Food Stylist

    Lisa Homa Food Stylist

    What’s it take to become a successful food stylist? Ask Lisa — it takes visual skills and a passion for food. Those two attributes have put her photographs in numerous magazines, cookbooks, and on television and has taken her around the globe from Korea to Italy and to Cyprus.

    First Bite: Portfolio

  13. Jacqueline Buckner – Food Stylist

    Jacqueline Buckner Food Stylist

    Jacqueline Buckner is a food stylist who has photographed food for packaging, print advertising, menu images and more for an all-star list of brands including Culinary Circle, Sonic, Nestle, Carville, McDonald’s, and many, many more.

    First Bite: Portfolio

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Regional Cuisine

Anywhere in the world you’ll find restaurants serving strictly the cuisine of another nation. We love eating stuff from other parts of the world, and restaurateurs capitalize on our lust for exotic food, to everyone’s benefit.

  1. Hiroko’s Kitchen

    Hiroko's Kitchen

    Hiroko Shimbo is an authority on Japanese cuisine and consults for restaurants and food companies. She is a trained sushi chef, author, media performer, and educator, and her blog is filled with everything you’d want to know about Japanese food and drink.

    First Bite: DAISHICHI Sake

  2. Your Sushi School

    Your Sushi School

    If you ever want to learn how to make sushi and travel to Europe, this school could help you meet both goals. Learn from pros who travel all over Europe to help hundreds of individuals and entrepreneurs learn how to make professional sushi.

    First Bite: Strictly No Fish Sushi

  3. Walking and Talking

    Walking and Talking

    Meet Nancy, a journalist who writes about culture, food, art, the Japanese-American life, and about health and eating disorders. Quite a combination of topics, but her blog blends them together with fabulous writing and photography.

    First Bite: Montreal vs. Paris: Advantage Pucks and Poutine

  4. My Sushi World

    My Sushi World

    Okitsugu Kado (known as “Oki”) is a Japanese sushi chef who also enjoys volleyball and art. If you go to his blog, you won’t find volleyball, but you’ll find plenty of gorgeous sushi art, including rice bunnies and a sweet potato car.

    First Bite: Cucumber Art 4

  5. In the Kitchen with a Southern Sushi Chef

    Marisa Baggett

    Marisa is a vivacious southern woman who is all about sushi. Learn how to make traditional, vegan, and even Kosher sushi at her site, or learn how you can take her classes. If you’re a chocoholic, you’ll want the recipe linked here.

    First Bite: Easy Homemade Pocky

  6. Jane Butel’s Southwest Cooking

    Jane Butel's Southwest Cooking

    Jane Butel is a world renowned chef and an American Southwest and Regional Mexican cooking expert. She is best known for her simple and straight-forward recipes and has been listed as “Best in the US” by as well as one of the best four cooking schools in the world by Bon Appetite Magazine.

    First Bite: Pecos Valley Spice Co.

  7. Savory Japan Blog

    Savory Japan Blog

    Savory Japan was started by a Japanese woman who has lived most of her life in the U.S. and wanted to share the cuisine of her native country. The combination of luscious photographs and poetic descriptions of traditional food will make anyone want to try something new.

    First Bite: Modern Mitate at Gion Matayoshi

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